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    This is a decent place to have lunch. They have a better than average cheesesteak, and amazing fajita pizza.  The other pizzas are great as well.  If you enjoy cold domestic beer, your beer will be served in a frosty glass and about a millionth of a degree above freezing.

    Besides the fajita pizza and the cheesesteak, the rest of the food is OK, but not amazing.  I went there late night once, and they had a cover, but refused to pay, and went elsewhere.  Perhaps someone else can speak to the late evening drinking crowd.

    I would recommend stopping by Tommys for lunch and judging their grub for yourself.

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    We went to Tommy's Place for the first time last Saturday. It was very busy! From what I understand, it's a family restaurant during the day that transforms into a very popular nightspot.

    They had a live band (I understand it's usually a country band on Saturdays, but that night just so happen to be rock). Bartender was awesome! They told us that they have poker, line dancing, latin nights, and other events throughout the week. Another customer said that on Friday night the parking lot was packed. Will check it out a few more times to get a better feel, but so far so good!

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    The security is really strict, so don't even try if you're under 21. I'm 20, but I knew the DJ playing that night(wednesday) and he had to make sure I could get in, wasn't even easy for him. Every wednesday they have different djs playing(most of them great, friends with a few), no cover, but definitely have your dancing shoes on! Try to bring more people out, some night's are a lil slower than others, but the crowd that is there is usually fabulous small or not. The people were great, really nice and outgoing, so definitely try to talk to the regulars.  Since, I'm not 21 can't say much about the drinks...

    *not sure if it's just 21 plus for certain nights or times, i'd call em and ask =]

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