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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I went here two days ago for lunch. The employees are too damn busy chit chatting with each other instead of providing service to the customers. You have to literally stare them down for an eye contact and ask to take an order and refill drinks which is annoying. Don't expect a 15% tip LOL At least Bonchon stops by your table every once in awhile unlike this place. Talk about bad service. Oh and a little message to the owner... Can you properly train your employees to wash their damn hands after hitting a cigarette outside in the middle of their working hours? These employees went out for a cigarette in the middle of their job as a waiter /waitress and served my food without washing their hands. As a non-smoker, they are full of cigarette scent while serving food and on top of that, how dare they serve a customer's food with their dirty  cigarette hands. At least have some manners to wash your hands. Geez. It's just so damn rude for the kid's to eat. The owner needs to train basic manners to these employees.

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    This restaurant is a little bigger compared its competitor Bon Chon on the other side of the street.  There is a small bar on the left hand side of restaurant, and a few tables on the right side of the place.  We came in about 6 pm and there was only one server.  She was very busy taking care of a couple of customers at the bar, answering the phone for take out orders, and then serving a couple of tables with customers.  The server tried very hard to take care of the customers but we thought she was just overwhelm by everything that was going on.  

    Beer is really inexpensive during happy hour and that's a big plus.  The food is okay.  We had the original friend chicken and it was bland and besides the smell of the oil, there was no flavor at all.  We also tried the sweet and spicy chicken.  It's basically  chicken friend with a thick coat of batter and then covered with a very sweet sauce.  The crispy chicken salad was okay and it didn't have a lot of flavor.  The fried green beans had too much batter and it could use some salt or seasoning.  It came with this dipping sauce that was very rich.    

    Overall, we just thought we've experienced better at other places.

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    "A lot of hype and not a lot of anything else"

    Food: 2/5
    Service: 2/5
    Atmosphere: 3/5
    Parking: 5/5
    Cleanliness: 4/5

      This place had received enough local hype and good reviews that I decided, against my better judgment, to come in. Upon trying new restaurants, I like everyone at the table to order something different so that a wide array of opinions on the different items can be measured fairly and.....the consensus was.... bland, boring food with poor service from an apparently drunken server.

      Food here is, to be quite blunt, bland, unseasoned, generic, and not unique in any way. Of the side items, I chose the mac n cheese and, after not liking it at all, the server told me that it's Stouffer's that they microwave....seriously?

    A.) You serve Stouffers microwave mac n' cheese to guests? Or perhaps more importantly,
    B.) You admit that? While laughing none the less.

      It's supposedly a Korean-inspired fried chicken menu.....however the place is called "chicken and beer". There are no Asian decorations, menu items, nothing, *not *Asian at all. Who on earth would randomly guess Korean cuisine when looking at such a place? I saw Midwestern diner but ok, moving on.

      Service was actually quite comical. Our server was visibly intoxicated and had little to no menu knowledge beyond "oh yeah, that's s**t's so good, get that". After the disclosure that we were eating Stouffer's microwave food, he began getting a tad close to one of our guests and was overly casual with us. It wasn't an employee-customer relationship as much as a "guy I met at a dive bar" relationship...interesting, but I am very forgiving.
     Overall, this (apparently) Korean chicken dive bar is certainly not something I'll recommend to fellow yelpers. Try Bon Chon.

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