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    I've had good nights and I've had bad nights.  

    There are a couple of really stellar employees here.  There are also times where everything seems very disorganized and takes waaaaay too long.

    I've bowled in a few leagues here and I'm planning on coming back for more leagues, but they often start late and at times the pin re-setter machine get's stuck and it's VERY hard to find someone to fix the issue.

    For a league we played in everyone was supposed to receive a ball at the end of the league.  It has been over a month since the league ended and I know SEVERAL people that have not received their bowling ball yet.

    They're currently renovating the bar area and I hope things improve.

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    They don't handle the pressure well. It;s high time they should revamp the menu and start offering better food options

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    We went on a Thursday afternoon, in the middle of the day.  It was very empty, and we got to use our Eclub coupon, where it was all you can bowl for $9 and includes shoes.   The staff was very friendly and the bowling alley was very clean.  I'd definitely go again!

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