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    It is unfortunate that I have to write this review, but I want to forewarn people about an issue that I had at Bungalow Billiards.  I went into Bungalow's four days in a row and had the same amount of drinks.  On three of those days, the bill was exactly the same.  However, on the fourth day, the beer prices changed.  The number of drinks was exactly the same, but all of the sudden the price of a draft beer went up more than $1.25 per drink.  When I questioned both the bartender and the manager, I was told that is the price.  I asked if it was possible that the machine was not pricing for happy hour. The manager said, nope and walked away.  Strange how the bill could just change for the exact same number of drinks (all the while I was there at the same time of day).  Oh well, I won't go back.  

    I don't have an issue paying for what I consume, however, it strikes me as odd that the price magically changed with the bartender.

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    Bungalow Billiards is one of my favorite places to go for good bar-type food and a game of pool.  The friendly staff and non-smoking space allow you to enjoy yourself.  Favorites include the Cobb Salad as well as their appetizers.  Don't come here for the heavy-duty stuff, and enjoy their core food - appetizers and other shareable items, plus salad.  I have never been there when it's too busy, but I would expect the weekends to get rowdy.  A perfect spot for an after-work game of pool and snacks.    Access is fast and it's central to several highways.  The service is fast and accurate.  Easy-win for after-work get togethers.

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    This is a great local hang out. There are a lot of pool tables and the food is pretty decent. We tried the chili nachos and chicken tenders. Both were very good. The chili in the nachos was awesome and the chicken tenders were super crispy and came with a yummy dipping sauce. Once cool thing about this place is they serve their large beers in mason jars. They have a large selection of beers to choose from as well. When we went there was a live band, if that's your thing. It just made it seem really loud to me, but it's loud in there to begin with. Very laid-back atmosphere. The service could have been a little better, but I think we went on a really busy night.

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