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    Oh naww. Are here during a conference about two weeks ago. Lets count the ways this was a flop.

    First, if there's a conference at the center staffing should be adequate for the number of people at the conference. Second, over 50 minute wait for a ham and cheese sandwich with chips. Third, over priced, and under serviced. Fourth, didn't have a number of menu items. Boo this place.

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    This dates back to Sept 2011. Here are my unedited notes about the place.

    Fresh fish, mini Cuban panini, grouper, arugala salad. Friendly atmosphere, relaxed, with pool tables. Prices are a bit steep, but they have a full selection bar.

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    Pretty good bar food in a very nice hotel (Marriott in Westfields).  Nothing unusual on the menu, the crab dip is supposed to be really good (I can't eat crab), the wings were also good.  A little pricey, but what do you expect in a really nice hotel.  For hotel food it's good, a couple of pool tables and pretty good service.

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