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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    My boyfriend and I came here to have dinner and play pool early on a Saturday evening.

    The restaurant was empty, so we had dinner first.  The food here is always consistent.  I've been to a few different Hard Times and have been to this one once before for a private event upstairs.  I always enjoy either the chili or burgers.  No complaints about the food.  It's a good amount of food for the price and it hits the spot.

    For the pool room, it is disappointing that it is so smoky in there, but it comes with the territory.  The tables and equipment are in pretty bad shape.  I had only played once before, upstairs, when it first opened, so apparently the tables have been heavily used since then and are in need of repair/replacement.  It's hard to really play a meaningful game here since the ball has a will of its own.  LOL  And it's hard to even relax and have fun as the tables are pushed very close together so if there are multiple games going on, you have to constantly wait for the other table to take their shots or ask them to move if they are just standing their watching their game. And people sitting and standing at the tables next to the bar are in the way of your game as they are congregating in groups of 3-4 people, standing in the walking area, blocking the staff's ability to walk by.  You have to constantly ask people to move out of the way each time you take a shot.  And why there are little kids back there running around at 9pm I will never know.

    All in all, it's a nice night out but I think if you want to play pool, you should consider going at a quieter time and not expect too much of the tables ;o)

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    FRIED PICKLES!  They are perfection here.  Dill pickle spears, breaded with a nicely seasoned breading and deep fried.  Served up with some Ranch Dressing ... I haven't had better fried pickles yet.  I also like their chili selections.  I usually end up mixing the Texas and Terlingua.  The chili can be greasy, but it's oh so good served up with some cheese and sour cream.  I've also taken their chili home and made my own chili dogs - out of this world delicious!!  The wait staff here has always been great - nice and attentive.

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    Came to Hard Times for with my team at work for "team building" aka free drinks, food and pool. It was a blast. Krishna was our only server and deserves recognition for his hard work to serve us all.
    I will complain about the pool tables upstairs. The one I was working on was laughably crooked and the felt was dirty.
    I've had the food here a bunch of times and its way better if you eat in than to take out. The biggest difference i've notice is the ribs and wings. They're better at the restaurant by far. The chili is good either in or out. I've always enjoyed the cornbread as well.
    Great beer choices. They don't serve Arrogant Bastard anymore but they have other good beers like DC Brau and Evolution.

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