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  • Smoking
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    I feel like I have done myself a terrible disservice.  I have lived near the Philadelphia Tavern for years and always avoided it.  I've heard it was full of smoke, and dirty and generally full of rowdy Eagles fans.  (I don't mean that disrespectfully, it's just a well know fact that Philly fans in general are um, passionate.. yes, passionate about their teams.)

    I met my parents for dinner here last night, it was $.50 wing night and my step mother loves her some wings.  I have to admit, I was thrilled with them!  They were hot, crispy, saucy and all around wonderful!  We ordered the mild, which had plenty of buffalo flavor but didn't hurt my dad's weak taste buds, the old bay, which are my step mothers favorite, and BB-Q, which are an all around crowd pleaser.  My dad ordered a salad, which was fresh and crispy; we also split the crab dip... yum!

    It was remarkably clean, the baseboards and floor were very well kept.  I am a stickler for that.  In all fairness, I never made it into their restrooms so I can't judge that, but I was impressed at the overall cleanliness of the place.  No smoke smell either, which is always nice.

    The server, whose name I can't remember was great.  She was quick to refill drinks, take our order, and she was nice to chat with,

    Overall, I can assure you I will be back here.  I am actually pretty sad it's taken me so long to stop in.

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    This place is amazing!  The food, service and atmosphere are all top-notch!  I got the Reuben Sandwich and was blown away!  I hope to eat here again sometime!

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    My husband and I tried out this small historic looking tavern in Manassas to compare their cheesesteaks to those in Philly.  My husband is a Philly native so he is very particular and usually won't eat a cheesesteak outside of Philly.  The staff was very nice and the cheesesteaks were very good!  My husband got his with onions and provolone and I got it with the whiz as well as marinara (trying to replicate Pat's "pizza wit" steak).  The bread was great, the quality you expect for a Philly cheesesteak (the menu says they get their bread from the Philly Amoroso bakery).  The meat was tender and not grisly at all which can sometimes occur at places like Geno's in Philly (Geno's is touristy anyway).  The only issue with mine was the cheese whiz was layered on the open side rather than mixed into the steak which I thought was odd, but I just took my fork and mixed it in before eating.  That just is an untraditional way to serve it.  Of course, eating it inside a restaurant at a table isn't tradition either, usually at Pat's we'd be standing up eating it at a counter.  My husband got a Philly microbrew beer that he enjoyed (Yards brewery).  The atmosphere was quaint, it had a few Philly items, but certainly wasn't overwhelming with Philly stuff.  There was a Rocky poster and an Eagles light but no Phillies, Flyers, or Sixers decorations that we saw.  It isn't a sports bar but does have a couple of TVs.  Overall an enjoyable experience and cheesesteaks were Philly quality.

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