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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I've been to many in the area but this is the best restaurant, everyone from the management to hostesses are friendly and accommodating.

    The food is good, you wont find anything bad on the menu. Some of my favorites are turkey BLT wrap and the Old Bay wings.

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    A great place to go for some drinks and watch all sports games.  I've been going to Glory Days since I was in high school.  The only difference then was that I had to walk away from the bar and not to it.  I've tried this Centreville location for the past few times after being a regular at the Fairfax location. Since moving to Centreville I've had a great time at this location and the bartender has been great always trying to be friendly and remember names.  It can get absolutely ridiculous during the football season or hockey season but during soccer season or baseball season its a great place to sit back and relax and enjoy the good times.  The drinks that I received from the bartender were good and strong and the appetizers and the burgers made the it a great time to watch my beloved Espana play their game (even if they lose).  To enjoy this place you have to set your expectations accordingly and realize this is a loud and noisy bar with a few tipsy people. If this is your scene for a particular day try it out. If not, look elsewhere as there are other places further east that can bring that atmosphere.

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    Its about time to give this Glory Days a little love.  We've been coming here for a long time for semi regular happy hours and occasional meals.  It's great place to try and catch a game when you have your family with you.  I've had much of their menu over the years but am impressed by their often changing specials.  I was again surprised over the weekend by their Cobb salad.  In an attempt to try and be 'good' I got the Cobb with the dressing on the side.  It is a large salad to be fair, and the dressing was bacon ranch, not your normal ranch.  I'm a bit of a lettuce snob, and couldnt find one objectionable piece.  
    During the NFL season this place gets super packed of people wanting to watch the out of market games.  Tables do not usually open up.  The wait staff is great about letting you hang out and watch the whole game, but we always order a lot of food and beer.

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