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    I am a frequent patron of this location particularly car side service. Today was obviously not a good day! After sitting in the car for 10 minutes, I decided to go in to retrieve my food. I order the same thing all of the time, chicken fajita roll up ! Not that difficult to make.... Still wasn't ready after 20 minutes! Lady had an attitude, the staff steamed seemed unorganized and disheveled, it wasn't packed (folks celebrating cinco de mayo elsewhere)  and my food didn't even come with the mexi-ranch sauce! Highly disappointed today. I should have prepared my own dinner! You all need to work on your service! Great service keeps the consumer coming back!!

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    Took my family out to eat here last Friday.  It was mainly bar crowd watching basketball and we were seated right away.  We had a great waiter that came back several times through out our meal making sure things were okay.  I ordered a steak medium rare and it came back extremely well done.  I was happy to be out with my family and didn't want to complain so I portioned my chewy steak out to my children instead of making a complaint.
    Our waiter returned asking me if the steak was done the way I asked and I responded truthfully with what I did with it because it was chewy and bland. I let him know it was no biggie and I wasn't wanting to complain.  Needless to say within 5min a manager came out asking if things were okay, I said yes and she gave me the "really?" look over.  I asked if the waiter had told her what I said and she said he had.  In a nutshell, I ended up with not just a redone steak to take home, but a new meal in it's entirety.  The manager just smiled and said to enjoy.  The next day when I dug in for lunch, the steak was great and just how I asked for it the first time.  A small act, but one major lasting impression on me and my family :)

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    Depressing.  The decor, staff, and food.  We went there for a change from our regular restaurants, but regretted it.  Not going back there anytime soon.

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