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    Decided to go to here on 06/23/13 because my wife nor I felt like cooking and wanted to go somewhere with reasonably priced food.  Sorry we weren't that impressed by this place.

    My wife and I went to this restaurant before and we weren't satisfied but that was a long time ago and long before I even heard of Yelp.

    I honestly feel like this Friday's menu needs to be consolidated or reorganized. They had a lot of stuff on the menu which only confused me. At least the menu should of had a specialty section, that showed me the items they were experts at making, but it didn't.

    I also feel like they should denote on their menu which food items are spicy. I say that because my wife isn't a fan of spicy foods so the item she ordered she couldn't enjoy it because it was spicy. She explained to me that it didn't taste bad but she just couldn't enjoy it. It was the same for me, for the item I ordered  however, I'm not bothered by spicy foods so it wasn't as bad for me.

    Our server was a little slow at times which was weird because we were here on a Sunday during lunch hours so the restaurant wasn't packed at all.

    I don't know what it is about Friday's but no matter what, it seems that our experience is never really that pleasant.

    I don't know maybe this place is better for happy hour. The food isn't bad it's just we would like better service and at least someone explain to us that we are ordering an entrée that is spicy since it isn't denoted in the huge menu.

    I think I'll be staying away from Friday's for a while unless it's for happy hour or someone begs me.

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    I think this Fridays is the best looking restaurant ever. However, I went to the restaurant thinking it would be at least decent it was okay. The waitress didn't come over for 15 minutes thank goodness our hostess took our order instead and he was amazing. The appetizers were good and the jack daniels was okay but my chicken was burnt all over.

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    I travel a lot and hit a lot of Fridays.  This one is below the Fridays average.  The bar staff and manager are more absorbed in talking to each other rather than providing good service or cleaning the bar.  
    Not coming back to this one.

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