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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Great place! Food was good, affordable, and the ambiance is exactly what you'd want from a bar. Definitely try this place!

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    I really, really wanted to like this place. I think the idea of it is great--it's a townie bar, super low-key, and great if you don't want to go anywhere fancy, which is perfect for me.

    We went here for a late lunch around 3:30-4 and the place was pretty dead, understandable that's a weird time to eat. We were told to seat ourselves and we sat in the lower level of the restaurant. As we had been acknowledged when we walked in we figured that sitting at a table with a somewhat obscured view wouldn't matter because the staff had seen us come in. After sitting there for 10 minutes and watching the waitress stand upstairs and joke with the bartender, the hostess finally realized we hadn't been served and hurriedly came over to apologize and take our drink orders. She was super nice and apologetic and mistakes happen, but it seemed odd and unprofessional to forget about two of the eight total people in the restaurant.

    I'm surprised the food here has been so favorably reviewed because while it's far from bad, it certainly isn't anything to write home about. The potato skins we started with her tasty and the portion size is decent to split between two people. They were a little dry but otherwise really good. My boyfriend got the philly cheesesteak which looked better than my grilled cheese and he said it was great, so if you want a good philly cheesteak Jimm'y should have you covered. However, the grilled cheese I ordered (now please not this was an $8.00 grilled cheese) left a lot to be desired. It was advertised as "traditional white" bread but the bread it came on tasted old and kind of odd. The cheese also wasn't totally melted so the sandwich was fairly lackluster. The fries are good, although ours came out luke-warm so I think if they would have been served hot they would have been really tasty. They reminded me of 5 Guys fries.

    One final note, if you are in a rush this is NOT the place to go. The server was very sweet but the service is SLOW.

    I think Jimmy's has a lot of potential and I'd be willing to try it for a second time but after an initial take I think a 3 star review is pretty generous.

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    Zowie! How is it I never heard of  this place? EXCELLENT beef on weck on great housemade rolls ... good fries that they let me add decent poutine on top of (it's no Green Pig poutine but ...)

    Will go back whenever I'm out that way in "restaurant sahara"

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