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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I love the Old Brogue - service is always great, the food and beer selection are fantastic, and the atmosphere is great. The food is worth the price, and I would especially recommend trying whatever is on special as they are usually some of the chef's family recipes.

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    This place is the real deal - so much like pubs in England and Ireland. Love the fact that each section of the restaurant is different - the outdoor patio, back 'porch', bar, dining room, and room-with-small-tables-where-musicians-play. I take all my out of town visitors here because there aren't many places like this in the States, and also because pretty much every dish and every beer is guaranteed to please. They do all the Irish/British standards, but also do an amazingly good job with fish. Favorite fish dish is salmon and spinach en croute. My meat eating friends love the beef bourguignonne (yes that's how they spell it) boxty.

    People with kids will find them very welcoming and the kids menu has all the good stuff. Things got a little weird last summer with the hostesses, probably a summer help issue. I showed up with a family with one well-behaved 10-year-old girl and we were told we had to wait because the only place children can eat is on the back (enclosed) porch. We had to stand outside in the patio area for 1 hour, in plain view of empty tables and among the smokers. On the way to the back of the restaurant we passed by at least two tables  in the main area where other children were seated. What??

    Otherwise we love the staff, and especially that fact that the last page of the menu has an homage to past employees and their number of years of service.  Good to see the same faces there year after year. Last time I was there I ordered the special dessert which was Mom's Apple pie (from a favorite local pie shop). Since they were out of it, our favorite server gave us a wonderful rhubarb pie, but refused to charge us for it.

    The only thing I wish they would do better is find a nicer place for the musicians. They seem crammed into a small corner where they can't face the patrons and it's always awkward walking past them on the way out the door.

    Hope this places never changes and stays with us forever.

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    Really liked this place.  Tucked away in a quaint shopping center, this was a friendly place to grab a great meal.  I have been craving fish tacos for months and never thought Id find good ones in an Irish pub...I took the chance and they were excellent.  Small sides were tasty as well and service was lovely.  As for atmosphere, my boyfriend and I loved the warm, cozy feel with a true Irish Pub atmosphere.  If in the area, we will definitely be going again!

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