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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I live in the neighborhood and have been to V5 many times.  Its fun to sit outside when the weather is nice and an ok place to gather with friends for a drink.  But over the years the food has gotten worse and worse.  The wings are good, but the other appetizers all taste like they came from a box of frozen food.  You used to be able to get a great burger there.  Went there tonight and I wanted a burger and found it was a prefab frozen patty.  Little to no taste and so dry.  They used to be so juicy and had wonderful char grilled flavor.  No more. Its so disappointing.  It doesn't take much to make a good burger but this one was awful.  You can tell people don't go there for the food as almost all the patrons were either sitting or standing at the bar or having apps and drinks on the patio.  I wish I had gone somewhere else to be honest.

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    The staff is pretty attentive to your needs, only one time when I went in there and asked what they had on tap and the waitress looked at me and said really, then sighed and tried to remember what they had which she couldn't.

    The food was pretty good, so far none of my orders have been messed up.  

    As sports bars go, this is okay.  Lots of TV for any sports event that you will not miss any highlights from any seat.  Dinning area away from the bar was nice but it will not be quite if you are looking for a quite sit down dinner during a game or other event.

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    How about adding a latch to the men's room bathroom's stall.  No privacy.  Soap container off the wall and inoperable.  It's flu season, morons.  Severely disappointed.  Pay attention to your facilities!

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