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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    as soon as you pull that door open a stench of stale cigarettes smelll hits you. the smokers have all but some small  non smoking section to smoke and smoke and smoke. sit at the bar? smokers to the left smokers to the right the bartender smoking. you'd have to bulldoze that place to the ground to get rid of that smoke which has permeated everything.  I TRIED to order a meatball sub but they ran out on a Monday afternoon. And i didn't exactly feel welcomed.

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    Not much to say...needed to have a family meeting with the cousins and we just stopped in late to talk and grab a few drinks.  Service was ok.  I didn't eat but no one sent their food back.  We will stop in again so I can give a proper review.

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    I wish Yelp had an "Incomplete" ratiing.  This past weekend was dull and cold in Reston/Herndon, so I figured it would be a great weekend to seek out other places in the area that offer Buzztime Trivia.  Ashburn Pub on Saturday night was a strike.  Mighty Mike's was a miss.  I emailed them about 2 weeks ago and asked about their set up - do they have a full stocked bar with a non smoking section that has Buzztime Trivia?  Never got a response - why have an email address on your website if no one monitors it?  Fast Eddie's has a smoking and non smoking bar, and offer Buzztime at both bars.  

    So I visited Mighty Mike's over the weekend and was blown away by the cigarette smoke.  How did this place get a pass for smoking when nearly every other place in the area did not?  (And places like Fast Eddie's and Rampart's in Alexandria have totally separate bars, with separate ventilation systems, for smokers and non smokers.)  Since so few places in the Northern VA area offer Buzztime trivia, it seems like an absolute waste to have Buzztime at a smoking bar.  I stayed for one beer and left, and went back to Ned Devine's in Herndon.

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