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    This was a great place to burn a couple of hours waiting for a flight. It was definitely the wine flights that made the place great. We got a couple and really enjoyed the well priced tasting. The service was excellent - if bordering a bit on overly chatty.

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    You won't find a better restaurant to spend 30+ minutes at in IAD.

    Try a Pinot Noir wine flight, the Pork Tacos, the Marinated Olives and you'll be well on your way to not worrying about flight delays, connections, or really anything else.

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    Was there as I was early to catch a flight, tried their Flight of wines which were impressive, very good collection I should say, its a must-stop if you have time before a flight in IAD... the appetizers were great too, but small in size, perfect for tasting which does not indulge you totally in food and gives the right amount of bites before you go on for another sip..

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