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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This place is always fun if you're looking for a relaxing time out. They have two full bars, a separate and large smoking room upstairs and so many things to do I can't imagine a person getting bored; pool, darts, karaoke, games on TVs. If you're looking for a fun pool or dart league I believe they have both, and a poker night. Go in and check it out!

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    Going here I expected a lot more. The crowd well people there where ok it wasn't a crowd. No one announced who was next it was on a screen. One Thing is they had a great song selection. They also made two of my drinks wrong. The first one they corrected after the waitress tried to tell me I was wrong. The second one I didn't care anymore. Will I go here again, no, I don't think so

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    Been coming here for a few years and the tables are decent.. service is decent.. but I must say, saturday night dj just doesnt cut it. Never complained before but this time.. he was particularly a jerk..especially on 04/06/13.. so just had to write this review. The music playing on the regular system was better. Dance floor was dead and were only 3 tables taken by the dance floor, including us. The music the dj decided to play was more of a slow steady beat which was different from wut was playing on the system which is also the system that made us want to go dance.,. but then dj came and completely ruined the mood. We requested for him to pick up the beat some but almost in a mocking way.. he just made it worse. The table next to us even went and made a request to the dj.. but then he started playing low beat songs from the 80's..90's!! I asked the table next to us if that's wut he requested and he said no... I just asked him to play something fast beat so me and my girlfriend can dance. they tried to dance to the music playing but then gave up. 3 tables, empty dance floor.. and this jerk was messing with the few customers he had. We finally just got up and left and as we were leaving, dj swung his arms like "go head and leave". So immature and so unprofessional. Who's basement did they dig him up from.

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