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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Over the last 2 years this place still holds the record for the best Happy Hour for miles around...$1 bottle beers from 5-9 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Very good deal.

    Clientele definitely mixed..lots of dudes, I def wouldn't take a date there. But good for a smoke and a few cheap beers.

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    If you're looking for a pool hall/bar, you could do a lot worse than Breakers. It's a solid option, but nothing truly memorable.

    The best thing about the place is that it's located in the top-most section of the clock tower right off Centerville Rd. If you live in the area, you'll know what I'm talking about. And if you don't, then don't bother coming here, as there are undoubtedly better options for you closer to home.

    As I said, though, being high in the clock tower strip mall offers a fairly unique experience, offering views of the world below. Alas, those views don't amount to much more than birds eye views of the parking lot where you left your car. Yeah, kind of a letdown.

    There are dozens of pool tables up for rent, so if that's your aim then you'll be set. Otherwise, there's a stage on the lower floor of the bar that hosts a pretty strong selection of local acts most of the time.

    Other than that, though, the only thing Breakers offers is an indoor smoking section, for those of you who would want such a feature. Not being a smoker, it doesn't do much for me, but I know that two of my friends certainly appreciate being able to enjoy their cigs indoors every now and then.

    And that's pretty much it, really. Breakers is a decent pool hall for those that live close enough, but it's by no means a destination bar. Try it out if you're in the area.

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    Went there this past sunday. There are two parts to the place; on the left is a billiards area and on the right is a seating area. It was free to play pool as long as each person spends $10. NO PROBLEM! Not sure if this is the deal everyday or just sundays. Serves the regular bar food and drinks.

    PROS: cheap hang out place, clean

    CONS: They never gave me back my ID for opening a tab... so I had to go back.

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