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    AVOID the bar when Nina is bartending.

    I used to really like this place. Unfortunately certain bartenders cut you off way too early and ruin the experience. Otherwise, this place is about average for a hooters. You get what you you expect.

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    I come here for the women. Kidding...I actually come for the wings. Oh and beer of course. I love love LOVE wings and Hooters is my favorite place for that. I always get breaded 911 wings and it's full of deliciousness. I could probably eat at Hooters everyday. The service isn't all that great. It's rather slow and that's probably the only thing I would complain about. They're not really attentive and don't check in on you much. Sure, most of them seem pretty nice. As long as I get my yummy wings, I'm happy.

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    Hooters.  Yes, a review of Hooters.   Not your ordinary, cramped, low ceiling Hooters (Fairfax Hooters, I'm talkin' to you).  This Hooters, where the Applebees was once located off Willard Drive in Chantilly, is arranged  like a real cookie cutter chain restaurant, complete with a U-shaped bar.  You don't go to Hooters expecting a great meal, although I was surprised at the crab legs and oysters on the "raw bar" menu.  I wonder how fresh those items are.

    The Hooters girls look more like cookie cutter Barbie dolls than ever before, and I didn't see one tramp stamp, so hopefully the "no tattoo" policy is still intact (unlike the new breastaurant chain "Tilted Kilt").  There were plenty every type of male, in all age groups, you can think of....including a few toddlers there with their dads.  Possibly coming from the gun show at the nearby Dulles Expo Center (guns and Hooters - a fine time for the entire family).

    Since the food is basically one notch above Wendy's, let's concentrate on the other ASSets.  We sat at the bar (visit on a non football day).  Service was fast and friendly.  I get the feeling the girls are ordered to really push the beer - my beer was only half finished when she was asking if I wanted another.  The beer list is impressive....with two Virginia crafts (Starr Hill and Devil's Backbone), plus all of the usual suspects including PBR, I give them good marks.  

    They don't turn the volume up on the TVs.  This was especially appreciated when a UFC fight/gay softcore porn came on.  The music blasting is terrible - that "new rock" that blasts in supermarkets to make sure you get your groceries and leave.  Luckily the juke box is loaded with nuggets across several genres.  And unlike some other places that shall be nameless, they don't unplug the jukebox after a patron pours $10 to change the mood to real music because an important game is being blasted.

    Probably a longer review than a place like Hooters deserves.  But after spending about 5 hours in this place last Saturday, we were able to take some copious notes.  The verdict is we will be returning, even though they got rid of Buzztime trivia (grrrrrrrr..................)

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