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    After getting ripped off by karaoke joints in Annandale, I've been going here more since the prices aren't too bad, it's clean and the song selections are pretty ok. Can you do better? Maybe, but you can also do worse. This is one of the better ones.

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    I've been a patron here for many years as it is one of the only three Korean bars in the Centreville area. The only reason I continue to come to this place is because I love karaoke. There's nothing better than finishing off a night of drinking by singing your heart out in one of their private rooms.

    Then why am I only giving this place two stars you ask? Well, first off, the food is not very good. I've tried multiple items on their menu and I've been disappointed every time. And I've been here at least 100 times in the past several years. The only thing worth trying is their spicy Mexican fried octopus.

    Not to mention that EVERYTHING is overpriced. I think they charge something like $40 for one hour in their karaoke room, even more for one of the bigger rooms. The food prices are ridiculous for the amount that you get. The shots at the bar are a rip off as well. I like grabbing a pitcher of beer with friends, but they only offer bottles. This is pretty unheard of in most Korean establishments.

    The servers are friendly for the most part and the atmosphere is chill, but I would rather go to Nulbom Pocha down the street if I had to choose.

    Sidenote: They will take advantage of you if they think you're drunk. Make sure to check your bill before you leave because they will add on extra amounts if they think you're too drunk to check.

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    Amazing service! They were so nice! The rooms are great and they have an awesome selection of English songs! Best night ever!

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