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    I had the worst experience there tonight.  I went to celebrate my engagement, a friend's birthday and to see a band's show.  They only let the band play three songs before the manager, Chris, threw them off stage. The reason was because the anonymous owner said they weren't allowed to 'rap' on stage.  They only played songs from their album, which the GM, Rob, should have listened to before booking them.  They don't curse, are talented musicians, and actually sing about worthwhile things and not just hoes. whips and money that most rap bands sing about.  They are hip-hop, not rap...big difference. I wouldn't have visited this establishment if I knew that myself, my friends and the band would be treated this way.  Save your money and go somewhere that you might actually get your money's worth and enjoy yourself.

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    Huge pool hall and bar with plenty of activities besides just billiards. There's a bull riding machine, arcade games, live music, karaoke and country line dancing on select days. The service is usually pretty quick and the food is typical bar food. I would recommend the cuban sliders, they are sooo good. If you don't like being around people who smoke, I would avoid this place since you can smoke inside. Pretty empty on the weekdays unless there's a big game on. Extremely packed on Friday and Saturday nights. Make sure not to forget your ID because they always check if you're 21+ at night.

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    Fast Eddies is tucked into a shopping mall off from Lee Highway.  I have passed it several time and was skeptical as to whether it was decent or not.  After family dinner my brother who had been there before wanted to meet a friend there so we headed over.

    I am not sure if it was because the place is so big or maybe the little family owned Indian restaurant next door was poppin' but the lot was full and Fast Eddies was not.  They do have a nice bar upstairs and a lot of TV's which is a plus.  They seemed to be pretty well staffed and it didn't appear as if one overwhelmed person was running around trying to help everyone, but as I said it was not very busy.  We got carded on the way in and went straight downstairs to the billiard area.  The pool tables were actually pretty nice however I overheard a few people complaining about how they are charged by the minute.  I can't say that is credible information because we did not play pool.  There is a bar downstairs and what looked to be a DJ setting up.

    The drinks.. Well there are rumors that the drinks are watered down and the glass of Jameson's my brother ordered definitely seemed to support the rumor, not good. However the beer.. If you are a beer drinker this is your spot. I had the Sam seasonal on tap, probably the cheapest I have ever paid for beer outside of my own living room.  Very happy with that.  

    Based on the "lively crowd" (sarcasm) we did not stay long.  Overall there was not something that I experienced to tell you guys not to go there and to call the place awful, but at the same time there was not any real highlights either.  If I do go back for beer I will try the food and post another review..

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