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    Been there twice, saw two fights. The bar tenders was nice

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    Horrible service. $5 cover wasted on horrible acoustics, from a less then average DJ.

    If you like blasting music to the point where you have to yell to talk to the person standing next to you then this is the place for you.

    Seriously, this place was horrible.

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    Minimum Age: 21+.
    Cost: $5
    Crowd: Mixed, 20's.
    Dress Code: None, but don't wear a chain wallet or hats.
    Music: Top 40
    Date Attended: 01/09/10, Saturday

    They attempt to be a trendy local VA spot, but fail miserably with high drink prices and a mediocre dj.  If I want to pay a cover charge, get harassed, and pay high drink prices, I'll go to DC thank you very much.

    The night started out by getting harassed at the door.
    Incident 1:
    Bouncer: Can I see your ID?
    Me: Sure, here you go.
    Bouncer: Is that a chain on your wallet? You can't bring that in here.
    Me: Huh?  Are you serious?  It's a wallet.
    Bouncer: It can be used as a weapon and it's metal.
    Me: Well, what about beer bottles?
    Bouncer: You can't bring that in here.
    I dunno about you, but I'd rather grab a beer bottle than a chain wallet in a fight.  I'd also bet you that at least one person was carrying a knife in there.  They don't pat you down so if you wanted to bring a weapon, I don't think you would bring a chain wallet.  Makes no sense to me.

    A little bit later I was hanging out with some friends.
    Incident 2:
    Me: What do you think about this place?
    Friend: Drink prices are kinda high.
    Me: Yea I know, especially for a VA bar.
    Bouncer: You can't wear a hat in here.  You have to take it off.
    Us: Looking around at 5 other people wearing hats.

    Pros: Local VA sports bar with music at night, nice interior, flat screens, pool table.

    Cons: Stupid rules, high drink prices, not the best dj, bad mixing, mostly empty on this night.

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