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    Their dishes can be little pricey but their customer service is pretty good. They are grand opened and i think they know how to treat customers. I hope they lower the price on some of dishes and keep the good customer service mind!

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    Update: I have been here 2-3 times in the past week and tried a couple different items off the menu. The fried chicken with sliced green onions is very good. It's smothered in a sweet, tangy sauce and the chicken is super crispy. We also tried the spicy rice cake with ramen noodles. It was soooo spicy and the rice cakes were very mushy... blech! I wouldn't get that again. We also had the fried pork cutlets. They were amazing! It comes with fried rice, french fries and a side salad (cabbage not lettuce, so it was very crunchy). The pork was marinated perfectly and was packed with flavor. I would definitely come back again for the food. I think the ramen is a little overpriced though.

    Currently they are running a special, so if you order $50 worth of food they will give you a coupon for an hour of free karaoke (valid M-Thu).

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    Absolutely disgusting. I order nagasaki ramen and this spicy soup. THEY PUT SO MUCH MSG. ALL OF US GOT ALLERGIC REACTION! I had to suffer 2-3 days. You guys should be glad I didn't sue you.. wth?? You guys have to use that much MSG in order to make food because you don't know how to cook? If you are used to how majority of korean restaurants put massive amount of MSG, you will like it. If you know how real food is supposed to taste like, you will be swollen next morning :) Not because of alcohol. I thought NO ONE EVER COULD BEAT the amount of MSG Vit goel uses... well this place does lol.

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