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    Don't judge me because I"m giving a not-so-special chain 4 stars. In my opinion, Ruby Tuesday is the only chain worth going to - I won't touch Applebee's, Chilis, Olive Garden, Outback, etc. with a mile-long pole. Why am I giving up my foodie purity for Ruby Tuesday? It's simple: GARDEN BAR. People who are looking for fresh, healthy, raw, well-stocked veggies and 3-4 different kinds of lettuce - this is your jam. It certainly is mine when I want to fill my plate many times with delicious salad goodies - perfect for WW, vegan, raw, vegetarians, and people who just want a healthy salad at a good price.

    Oh, and their service seems to be light-years beyond any other yucky chain. I ask for my steamed broccoli or grilled zucchini to be prepared without butter, and it has never been a problem. My waiter even pre-empted my general abhorrence for buttered chain restaurant entrees and assumed I wanted my salmon prepared without butter - winner winner!

    It ain't fancy, I won't take out-of-town guests here, but when I just need to get back on plan with a delicious salad and some fresh veggies, while the fiance wants to eat something a little more indulgent (he LOVES their turkey burger), we go to RT.

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    Always great when here, rasperry tea seeds and all, addicting ribs and mashed potatoes and broccoli, can't beat it

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    I know Rub'Tues is sorting through it's problems right now but I think in this case the concept and execution are missing each others.  The salad bar is the draw here and they dot hat well - props to them for that.  

    The table service strikes me as almost purposefully aloof, I wondered when I visited this location why that same feeling struck me compared to the South Riding copy.  I wonder if it is part of their newer, aim-high concept?  Don't know, but it rubs me the wrong way.  

    More substantively however, the buffalo chicken burger is A-OK - enough spice with some added cheese, tastes great.  The bun was warm and chewy, the chicken plentiful and well-spiced.  I believe that is an older menu item repackaged, and done well!

    Solid 2.5 stars - I prefer this further location compared to the South Riding location - service here was better.  Another decent visit here and we'd bump to 3.

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