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    Great Sports Bar, plenty of room. Great beer selection and the food is pretty damn good for pub food. I have been coming here for at least 10 years now, this is not a yuppy reston town center bar, its a real sports bar.

    They have something for everyone too:
    Cornhole, Pool, Giant jinga, skee ball, table bowling, golden tee, basketball, private group party room, etc, etc, etc

    If you can't find a beer you like then you must have a taste problem, They have like 30 beers on tap.

    It can get loud, it can get rowdy, it can get packed but that is what a sports bar is!!

    One last thing, it has a huge patio with giant TV's, nothing can touch this place in Herndon / Reston during the summer.

    Enjoy, I know I have.

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    If you are looking for a nice place to chill - have some great beer, good bar-food selection and very relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to head to.
    Some of the other reviews have said "it's not Reston Town Center" ... Well thank God for that!
    Ample parking, a huge outdoor patio, great staff, awesome beer selection (41 taps) and none of the Town Center 'atttude' make this a great destination when you're looking to head out with friends.
    Ample TVs (inside and out on the patio) make it a great sports viewing venue and for College or NFL football, NCAA basketball, Hockey, you name it .... They always have a  good crowd for the games.
    Along with the ample beer selection, they offer nice mix of bar-food and some more health friendly options, have generally found they have something for all but the pickiest of consumers.
    If you are looking for a chill destination in the area, you'll be hard pressed to beat Carpool.

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    Carpool is my favorite bar ever!!! Staff is awesome and friendly, the food is delicious, and the environment is fun. There's a lot of young people compared to the bars in Reston Town Center. There are occasional company happy hours and it does get busy some days. They have games to play (cornhole, giant connect 4, basketball, shuffleboard, skeeball, pool tables, darts, bear pong, etc) and variety of beer. They have happy hour specials until 8pm and appetizers are half off. They have a bunch of TVs which is great for watching sports. The only downside is that parking is limited on busy days and if you park by the hotel or in the shopping center, you'll get towed. Other than that, I love this place.

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