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    Very clean.
    Helpful volunteers.
    Good acoustics.

    Getting out after a concert (lack of parking ushers).

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    I enjoyed the concert I saw at Wolf Trap and the venue is certainly unique, but they have got to do something about the organization of the parking lots. It took us 50 minutes just to get out of the parking lot! That's ridiculous!!! I've parked at arens and stadiums where there are 60,00+ people in attendance and it didn't take that long to get on the road. Their biggest problem is the way they've decided to allow certain lots to feed into others. This creates MAJOR backups and there are NO parking attendants on hand to help with the confusion or to direct traffic. There were three police officers standing on the street at the main exits directing traffic, but that clearly was not enough. The parking situation definitely put a damper on the night and I will not go back very frequently because of the headache you endure trying to leave. Disappointing.

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    I'm a big nerd.

    I've been to Wolf Trap many times throughout my life but as of the last few years I've been going much more often.  The last show I saw was this past weekend for Video Games Live! with the NSO playing.  I've also seen the 25th Anniversary show of The Legend of Zelda and the Final Fantasy tour as well (both shows performed by the NSO.)  Each show has been amazing!  The acoustics, even sitting on the lawn, is amazing.  For these big shows, they have a few projector screens to go along with the music.  You can also bring your own food and alcohol if you have lawn seats!  For certain shows I'd sit in the amphitheater but for the most part, the lawn is the most enjoyable.  As for the summer heat and humidity, you can't escape it.  Just dress comfortably and make sure to bring enough water and alcohol if necessary!  And make sure you buy your tickets early as for some shows such as VGO Live sell out fast.

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