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  • Has TV
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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I have been to Artie's a number of times for work lunches but my first dinner experience was on 3/6/13.  It was great.  

    The decor is a little out dated but I liked it.  The wood trim and model boats all over made me feel like i was in a yaht.  Very clean.

    Service was great.  Our server was a larger asian man, he was very friendly and proper. The food arrived quickly.

    We ordered:
    NE Clam Chowder - Very well seasoned and a little different than the traditional "CHAWDA."  I think it had more than the triditional amount of bacon in it.  Overall delicious.

    Pork Tenderloin - Wasn't suppose to be ready until 5:30pm (it was about 5pm) as stated on the menu but our server informed us that it was ready early.  I ordered it medium to medium well and it came out about medium.  It was very tender, moist and well seasoned.  It has a slight roasting crust on the outside which I liked.  It was served with a sauce and a scallop potato type side. Very impressed.

    Filet and Crab Cake Combo - 5oz filet was perfect size paired with the crab cake.  The crab cake seemed a bit undercooked but it turned out to be great that way.  The reumoulade sauce was great.  The filet had a bernaise sauce which tasted like it was freshly prepared even though I would be very suprised if it wasn't a mix considering the amount of work and how sensitive it is to holding.

    The check came to $62 for the two of us with no alcohol.  Not too bad for what we got.  

    I am not easily impressed, and I was truly impressed.  Much better than expectations.
    Can't go wrong with the great american restaurants.

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    Artie's is a good, consistent steakhouse. It is one of the more upscale restaurants of Fairfax. The strip mall and parking lot kind of ruin it for me, but if I want a steak or a quiet relaxing dinner, it's a good choice. Probably the best choice out of the not so many restaurant choices of good old Fairfax, VA.

    I love the fried dough "roll" that they give you in the bread basket. It's like a savory doughnut. Yum.

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    I am gluten intolerant so one reason we chose Artie's was because their web site advertised gluten free meal options. I was very disappointed to find they actually have what they call a "low gluten" menu :-/ My two friends loved their meals. Doubt I will eat there again.

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