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    Lesson:  spicy food laced with msg is a bad combo

    Came back here again, was crowded on a Fri night.

    Had the szechuan tendons, fish in peppery broth, stir fried spinach, and chengdu salt/pepper shrimp.

    Whatever the case, I felt out of whack afterwards.  

    People need to understand that hot/spicy food served here needs to be balanced with a lot of cool.  Need to maintain that yin/yang balance or your body will suffer.

    In any regard, the shrimp that I ordered was terrible.

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    Was expecting to have outstanding delish chinese food but I was disappointed. We were the first ones to be there when it opened for lunch at 11am. At first we were hesitant to go in coz the open sign was off.So we didn't know if they were open or close.
    Had to call from the parking lot just to make sure that they were indeed open before we bring our appetite somewhere else
    We headed in and was surprised to see that the place is not huge. It was
     like a like a mom and pop shop. We were given a menu and some tea, while checking out what to get I saw like chinese characters on the wall assuming it were specials but it was written in chinese so I don't know what its about.
    We ordered the dan dan, steamed fish fillet, dry tofu with pork and shrimp with garlic and pepper.
    Food came trickling out first it was the dan dan. Hmmm...don't know what the rave is abt but AJ has a better version. Anyway, everything I ate tasted too salty for my buds.
    The shrimps were already peeled so I guess this is good?! I was expecting full shell on with crispy garlic flavor to boot.Nah... didn't happen.

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    been going to this place for years and never got around to writing a review, a must try..!! dont be afraid to try out the other menu items that youre not familiar with.!!

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