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    The Best Banh Mi in DC, MD & VA.
    VIetnamese Coffee here also second to none.

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    Bring cash unless you are spending less than $10.

    My current favorite Banh Mi joint staffed by an army of smiling middle aged Vietnamese ladies. Good sized sandwiches with crunchy skinned mini baguettes and decently filled with very tasty and good quality meat and pickled veggies. Their calling card on the Banh Mi appears to be their abundant application of mayo which leaks out as you're eating. At first I didn't like how much they used, but have grown to appreciate and now actually prefer their wet version.

    They also have for sale a variety of Vietnamese delicacies prepackaged that look quite good, although I've only ever picked up the sandwiches.

    No question, one of the best Banh Mi spots in NOVA.

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    There's no need to get wordy here, so let me just say this is the best bahn mi you'll eat in DC.  The roasted pork bahn mi is not just bahn mi perfection, it is as good a sandwich as you may ever eat.  The secret lies in the bread, which is (here's that word again) perfection.  Wonderfully fresh and bready aroma, crisp on the outside and pillow soft inside...it's just a thing of beauty.  The sandwiches are more than filling, and quite cheap.  They also pour a great cup of Vietnamese iced coffee.  It's places like this that make eating in the suburbs such a pleasure of budget-friendly diversity, and it's the lack of places like this in DC proper that make the city such an over-rated dining area.

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