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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Love the drunken ribeye, the salads, the desserts, and the breads.  This place offers great variety and is consistenly delicious.  The waits are long (during peack periods) but worth the wait for great food and great service.

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    At the peak of the evening rush, I lucked into a spot at the bar and got immediate service.  It's a pleasure to talk with people who enjoy their jobs.  My bartender knew her business and got my order to the kitchen straight off.  She knew exactly the right beer to pair it with, which turned out to be the IPA with the Firecracker Shrimp, a dish by the way, that people from Guam have raved about when they visited the Tavern.  They ask about returning to Sweetwater for that dish whenever they come to Arlington.

    I've been to Sweetwater many times and have never been disappointed.  The quick and genuinely friendly service and the consistently fine quality of brew and fare keep me coming back. My latest visit ranks as one of the best evenings I can remember.

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    Terrible customer service and beware prices are more expensive for same items at other American Cafes.  Ran out of first Pinot Noir on wine list @ $7 a glass.  No other option offered by manager.  Instead told if I wanted a glass of Pinot Noir could fork out $9.50 for a glass. Manager Chris  then told me my wine preference was on
    back order and they couldn't get it.  So we sat for 25 minutes waiting for appetizer, no wine in hand and finally left.....still no food or wine. Drove down the street to Artie's, owned by same company... they had plenty of  the wine I wanted (amazing no back order issue there!) and served our appetizer in 10 minutes. And surprise ....same wine was 50 cents a glass cheaper.  Service was great as was food.  Will not go back to Sweetwater again and suggest they work on customer service,possibly look at replacing the manager and sinc up their prices as charging customer more for same item is a rip off.

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