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    I can't believe I've lived in the DMV and haven't eaten here before. I love Korean food and have tried few places around, to much disappointment. I'd resolved myself to having to cook my own galbi since my mom's recipe still reigns supreme.

    However, I am happy I tried Yechon because this will be my new go-to Korean spot and I can't wait to try other dishes. Their menu is huge and my friend and I tried the following: fried mandu, bulgogi, and galbi. The banchans that came were all flavorful (although I will say they have been Americanized in that they are not very spicy...which is fine since I could actually eat them all) and service was fast.

    I was surprised by the quality of meat they served (I've found other restaurants use cheap, fatty, meat that just ends up being a stomach ache later) and was very happy to find that they actually marinated the meat long enough to absorb delicious flavor.

    I showed up at 5:30p on a Saturday night and lucked out with an open table. If you have to wait, there really isn't much room in the vestibule. I know why they wait and will definitely be back.

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    Until recently, I was under the impression that Korean food mostly meant meat dishes. When I found this place, I was delighted to see enough veggie options to satisfy my palate. I am in love with the Bibimbap and Jap Chae. Probably the best I've eaten in this area, especially the KIMCHI. The hot sake was yum. The service is good and they are open 24 hours!

    I still need to try the bakery next door called "Breeze". Looking forward to my next visit.

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    $8.95 for a BIG lunch box,great deal!

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