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    My husband and I started coming here about 3 years ago. We were new to the area and needed a place to watch our favorite NFL team on Sundays when regular cable wasn't showing it. The second time we came here, Angelo (who was working the bar at the time but also pulls serving duties), greeted us as soon as we came in, remembered my husband's drink and put the NFL game on for our team without us having to say a word. Since then we've gone to Auld Sheeben at least once a month. We enjoy the live Irish music, the ambiance, and the fact that the staff is so pleasant and hard working. Eric, one of the bartenders, is always friendly and attentive. One of the managers, Michael, always makes a point to check on us and will go out of his way to help find us a seat when the bar is crowded (which it often is). The last time he helped us out I commented that I appreciated him looking out for us and he responded "You have to take care of your regular customers, we appreciate you choosing to spend your time here". I know others have commented on this being a "college hangout" but we're in our mid-30s and I've never felt we were outnumbered by college kids. Downstairs, if they're not catering a party, is a club scene but upstairs is a pleasant Irish pub. Their Guinness stew is great. The Auld Shebeen is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy some live Irish music while clapping along with the crowd.

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    Checked this place out with some friends.  Mondays they apparently have half price night on all their traditional Irish dishes.  I had a stout burger and a cider!   Very delish!   I would certainly come back again!

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    I'd had a hankering for corned beef and cabbage since St. Patrick's Day and so we chose to eat here. It was in a place that I think used to be The Black Eyed Pea when I lived here prior to 2001. That doesn't matter, though.

    Corned beef was good, not great, but the cabbage was great. Of course, it's cabbage. The mashed potatoes were great, as well, but again, they're potatoes. But it was exactly what I wanted, and it was completely up to my standards! Add in a true Black and Tan and you've got a great meal.

    The band that played that night made the evening great, though. Everyone got involved, even though most of us didn't know the songs, and the place was LOUD and FUN.

    Don't go here on a night with the band if you want to have deep discussions or hash out some business. Go here to drink beer and eat comfort food and clap and maybe even dance a bit.

    My brother's been here on a weeknight and says the place is completely different - no band, no crowds, no energy, but the food is still good.

    I have to add that I'm not usually inclined to like LOUD, FUN places like this. Maybe I was just in a good mood, or it was the first night of my vacation, but whatever the reason I really enjoyed my night here.

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