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    They have kids shows. Regularly. Thank you for breaking up the monotony that is staying at home with my toddler when even horrible things like finger painting, fireplace climbing, teapot squealing, yogurt flinging, and trying to drown yourself in the kiddie pool have become common place.

    I mean, hey! Rocknocerus, good times! $10 for me and the youngster, but it's worth it for some novelty even though she prefers top 40 music (what? yes).

    We'll be back if I can get the kid to wear clothes before 10am.

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    My first concert here on Sunday evening to see GB Parker opening for the Jill Andrews band.

    What a nice venue with excellent acoustics.
    There is a coffee shop and a bar area.

    You can set at a table and order food and beverage and watch a show.
    If you want to just sit in chairs and watch you have that option as well.

    A smaller intimate venue that is suitable for accostic solo acts or plugged in bands as well.

    I had see Jill Andrews the evening before open for the Avett Brothers and she just knocked me out. When I learend she was palying here, I just had to be here and I was so glad I was.

    Just a great all round experience.

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    Spacious, fairly clean, nice and attentive staff. Came here for a show past Friday and had a good time, although the music was mixed kind of oddly (vocals were too quiet and the guitars were pumped way too loud). There were also plenty of seats in the bar section and outside, and also a tv with live feed of the stage so you could still watch even if you were in the bar section.

    I also got a coffee, which tasted like piss water. Mistake! Come here for the music, not the food or drinks.

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