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    The staff is very friendly and outgoing, which is the best part of the restaurant. The service was extremely slow. I ordered their spinash and blue cheese salad, which should not take long to serve since no food is actually cooked for this order, and it took over an hour it to be ready. The staff apologized for the delay, but did not comp my meal or offer an explanation.

    If you are ordering take out, this isn't bad. They have the food ready on time, but they are terrible at sit-down service.

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    The food was just average. But I was rather disappointed with the manager. Since I am currently eligible for tax exemption in the United States, I take the opportunity to use it especially if the cost is almost $100 or above $100. The manager told me that he has never encountered such thing before in his entire life. Then, he told me that Arab people are richer than me because they do not use tax exempt. I was really shocked to hear him say that because no one has ever said that to me before. I have never been humiliated like that for using a tax exemption card. I don't plan on going to this restaurant again in the near future.

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    Did you know Bennigan's went out of business in 2008 and now it's back?
    Me neither.
    Did you miss it?
    Me neither.
    Should you check out the new location in Tyson's Corner?
    Only if you hate food that tastes good.
    I only went due to a Living Social coupon which I bought ironically in the first place. And boy did it live down to my standards! The burger I had was not just dry and flavorless it was wretched. I feel bad for the cow that gave its life for that. The cheese was not even melted on the patty. Even the bottled Coors Light had a bad taste to it. Now that's just trying too hard to make ALL your food taste like crap.
    And if you love remodeled Marriott Courtyard lobby snack bars, then you'll love the new decor Bennigan's has chosen. While the original look of fun Irish pub was a bit overwrought and tiresome, at least it didn't transform you to the waiting room of a Hyundai dealership.
    If you're on the verge of suicide, avoid the Tyson's Corner Bennigan's because this will truly push you over the edge. If you're  not suicidal, welcome to one of your worst life choices ever!

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