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    After a long day of dragon boat paddling...this is def the spot to sit down and enjoy a great dinner with your team mates. My only complaint (and suggestion): it is hard to find so you better google it and not miss the entrance sign.

    They have super friendly waiters who def know how to take care of a large party. I forgot our waiter's name but he quickly got us waters, apetizer order and separated our checks so that we had a speedy check out.

    We started with some fresh and sweet oysters. I also had a bit of the crab tower. The crab tower was soo pretty to look at, uniquely made of crab, avocado, and more.

    I had the italian sausage penne. It was the perfect amount for one person, lots of meat and I loved the sauce no soo salty and sweet enough that it didn't take over the sweet sausage flavor (if that makes any sense).

    And lastly, I had the creme brulee and triple chocolate ganache cake. The winner was the cake-- chocolate heaven!

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    A great American Bar & Restaurant right in Tysons Corner! I came here and discovered that they had reverse happy hour (10-12pm). They have typical buffalo wings, but the chicken and crab cake sandwiches from the happy hour menu were mediocre. Drinks are kind of over priced, but they do have a decent happy hour menu deals! 50% off all raw items from the bar? Winning!!! If ordering raw oysters on the half shells, you must try the Pemaquids and Raspberry Point oysters. Delish! The bartenders are super friendly and service was great! I tried the Strawberry Basil Lemonade (Sweet, but a creeper!) and The Strawberry Shortcake (My new favorite!) from the cocktail menu. This will definitely be my new happy hour spot!

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    I call this the invisible Clyde's. Seriously, unless you hear about it, you'd never know this Clyde's location exists right in the heart of Tysons. It's tucked away behind some buildings and trees, so you'll likely need a GPS to figure out how to find the little route around Da Domenico to get to it.

    Despite making reservations, we got seated a few minutes after that time because the hostess couldn't find anyone to seat us. She ended up finding an older woman in a suit that looked different from what any of the other employees were wearing, so I presume it was the owner or manager. Despite this rough first impression, our server was very good, and the entire experience was enjoyable.

    Though drinks are supremely overpriced, entrees are very reasonable, and the variety of options is amazing. It was great to see some of the seasonal and ethnic ingredients being used right now, such as ramps, asparagus and sumac. But the menu did seem a little heavy for springtime and the more healthful tendencies of northern Virginia eaters, featuring quite a bit of deep-fried food and mayonnaise-based options such as potato salad.

    Surprisingly, Clyde's smelled a little seafoody inside and featured a decent amount of it on the menu. We ended up going with soft shell crab and crab cakes. Both dishes were delicious.

    I really enjoyed the range of options and the special touches Clyde's adds to them, such as the ramp aioli with my crab. But the atmosphere is very run-down inside. What was once obviously a cozy, intimate setting has become a bit worn looking. While the murals on the walls and faux jungle theme lends a certain flair, the dirty, weathered look to the wood paneling on the back wall and elsewhere takes away from the pristine interior you see at other Clyde's locations.

    With faster seating and a more modern (or well-done old-school class like at Wildfire) look, Clyde's could find itself in five-star territory.

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