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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    First the good. Nice atmosphere. Generally a nice experience. However several days ago I ordered the half rack of ribs. What was provided for my entree was 5 bones worth of ribs. Scarcely a quarter to a third of a rack. Not a bit more. There was an appetizer portion on the same menu which I can only imagine as "laughable".

    The ribs were tasty!

    I pointed out the portion size to the server who said that she mentioned my dissatisfaction to the cook and the manager and that was that. Prior to posting this on Yelp, I sent a note via the Kalypso website describing my experience and after a week, nothing in reply.

    So here it is folks. Don't order the half rack of ribs. It is a complete LIE. It is a RIP OFF and lastly, management doesn't appear to care or can't be bothered to respond.

    There are other choices at Lake Anne. Pass this place up if you care about quality, honesty, and customer care in a restaurant....

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    Friday night in the bar at Kalypsos.

    No one at front, we find a spot in bar, which is ok.

    Bar staff
    I order a Fat Tire, it tastes like Coors Light, there is obviously something funky with taps/lines. Bartender asks me if i want another and i mention it doesnt taste right (i'm a beer lover) doesnt seem to care so i order bottles rest of night. They don't come by regularly, but holding bottle up results in quick refill. They were working hard on this busy Friday night.

    Food was ok?
    Piece of dead lettuce removed from salad but rest is decent, if not up to NOVA standards (not being a snob, just pointing out that there is room for improvement).
    Fish tacos from the daily special list are ok. Very fair portion, but something a little suspect on garnish. My wifes GYRO is huge and she likes it.

    Overall, our bar staff was not attentive but were responsive which was ok on a busy Friday but no way too run a business.
    They need too pay more attention to the freshness, and cleanliness of the fresh vegetables.

    And for goodness sake clean the bar once in a whole and get someone in there who know how to run a clean tap line-if I was a Fat Tire distributor i would be horrified.
    I would go bac

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    Like what they are trying to do with the place and the atmosphere.  However that is where it stops.  First the Sangria is the absolute worst Sangria I have ever tasted, it's like someone took a bottle of Merlot poured it over ice and put some fruit in it.  Absolutely gross!

    Food was OK, but come one 3 pieces of Spinakopata for an appetizer, really.

    Only saving grace was the reggae band, which as actually pretty good.

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