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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Plastic glassware is worn and dirty looking.   Booth seats are hard and sloped forward making them very uncomfortable.  Food was decent but some items were off.  We had the fried cheese appetizer which was lukewarm and mushy... gross.

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    I love Chili's, but this location leaves a lot to be desired.  I think my biggest complaint is the stench in the bathrooms - It always smells like a sewage backup/skeevy truck stop and the smell wafts into the dining room if you're unlucky enough to be seated close by.
    I usually just order appetizers here because it caters to my dining ADD and they're pretty hard to mess up.  Their chips and salsa are my favorite, love the skillet queso, southwest egg rolls, and boneless wings.
    Service is hit or miss here, some waiters are awesome and others obviously don't care about their job or their customers.

    As much as I love the food at Chili's, I have a really hard time coming here because of the smell.

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    Have not been there for years - used to be a great place to eat a nice lunch - terrific burgers - great atmosphere... well, sorry but times have changed and I suspect Chili's is falling on hard times.   I remember real glass mugs for the ice tea - today my ice tea came in a dirty plastic mug (had food particles on the base) and the tea was metallic tasting - ordered a second glass, more of the same - mugs are so worn they have nicks in them and the are etched or frosted - translation is I couldn't tell if they were clean or not.  

    Ordered the bacon burger and ask for crispy bacon - came out limp as it can be and under cooked; burger was juicy and tasted okay but I've had better... I don't think they are using the same quality of meat they used to, but like I said, it was editable and the fries were good.

    The table was greasy and they have some electronic gizmo on the table that they are hyping - it had a credit card swiper on it and so I didn't mess with it - I think it had games and app's you could pay to entertain yourself while waiting;  my guess is it will be a flop because we pushed it back to the edge of the far side of the table and watched others do the same - almost no one in our view ever touched it other than to move it... I go there to eat, not play games or watch videos!    Just another revenue stream I suspect...

    Wait staff was adequate and paid fairly good attention to us but it did take 22 mins to get our food after ordering and I felt, for lunch, that is too long (and we went at 11:30, before the "rush." )

    Overall, it's not the Chili's we used to go to years ago when I worked nearby and after today, I doubt we will return, it's just not as good as Fosters or 5 Guys.  But nearly twice as expensive.

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