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    I will keep this short- Maybe times have changed and I have not, but last night we went out to Fridays (it's been a while maybe a year, when Fridays still had the 'hanging from the ceiling junk and flair') for my Day after Father's Day meal, And I was just generally disappointed in our meal.
    Specifically, the prices- all of our entrees were $14+ for just pedstrian food- "yucatan salad" basically chiken and greens, I got shrimp and french fries, $14?  A dinner for 4, no alcohol, no dessert, $100(tip incl) at a Fridays ?!?! This is my fault, we should have looked at the menu (I guess online), and not even gone. Also, our server was fine, but seemed bored to be there, as was I...Just too much $$  for this 'experience' -plus the Nats lost!

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    Came here on Memorial Day after seeing all the "New Fridays" ads on the metro. Meatball appetizers were quite good, service was good (but they weren't busy).  The tomato/mozzarella salad side dish was quite good as well as the rest of my meal (JD chicken and the Parmesan steak fries).  The steak fries had sort of a honey-butter sauce sprinkled along with the cheese - quite good!  Happy we stopped back in - will be back.

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    Out late tonight in Manassas, Virginia grabbing a bite to eat with friends. Is really makes me miss the now defunct Kirkland, WA TGI Fridays. Overall good dining experience.

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