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    Went here on a Fri night. It was me and 2 other black guys and the bouncer goes "you know it's Meixican night", haha, assuming we had the wrong place. Lulz. Anyways went in, $5 cover. Once inside it was pretty active. DJ was pumping some latin music, I didn't understand a word he said b/c he talked in Spanish, haha. But the people were cool. Drinks were about $10 for a basic mixed drink. Plenty of dance space.

    IDK if I would go again, b/c it's really a latin spot, we were like the only black people there haha. And I dont really know all those "latin" dances. But there was some cute chicks in there for sure.

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    I've been back a few times and I still am very satisfied with the food and service.  I still am only giving it 4 of 5 stars though because I'm still turned off by the bar/club atmosphere and because they changed their fajita recipe to include traditional onions and peppers (instead of the delicious zucchini/squash medley that it used to come with).  I'm not a fan of onions or peppers so this made me really sad during my last visit.  :(  I asked my server, "What happened to my delicious veggies?" and she said they're now only offered with the lunch fajitas (??).  So I swallowed my tears (and my entire plate of yummy steak and shrimp) and vowed to order a burrito on my next visit.

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    Honestly, as soon as I walked through the door, I wanted to turn around and leave.  It was really open space and reminded me of a banquet hall, not a restaurant.   Just kinda weird but I got over it.  

    So we stayed, they had the regular chips with salsa as an appetizer, and I ordered the burrito and my wife ordered the shrimp fajitas, we both had waters.

    Getting your water filled back up was a struggle, good thing I didn't eat too many jalapenos.

    I am not sure if I was just really hungry, but I got the burrito and ate it without a problem.  Usually, they give me trouble, I think this burrito was just small.

    Nothing really special about this place at all, maybe it's a better club than restaurant, or maybe its a nice place to get drinks, but other than that probably won't be back.

    If you are just bored and would like to try a Tex-Mex restaurant, then you should try it but I don't think you will be impressed.

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