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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Sketchy shopping center, blah service, cold beer, food is okay but it's not a home run.  If my friend's band is playing, I'll go. Other than meeting someone who has specifically chosen Afterlife 360, I have no other driving force to come here.

    PS... some of the seats are made out of old church pews', which is pretty bad ass if you ask me!

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    Bar food extravagenza!! It's a wannabe Biker Bar, because I get the feeling that most of the "bikers" are dentists, office workers, school teachers and the like. I love the inexpensive daily food specials and ice cold Yuenglings. Where else can you find a noon - 8 PM happy hour, but Manassas?! I'm a big fan. I visit often and destroy the NY Strip and Baked Potatoe special for $6. The staff is always friendly and you have HDTVs (with local/national sports games), a couple pool tables, a modern Jukebox and local characters for plenty of people watching to keep you entertained through your meal. It's only a 3 Stars rating from me b/c smoking is allowed in the main room with a small side non-smoking area, even I don't smoke and couldnt care less about the smoke.... give me "the action" of the main dining room and bar, any day!!

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    The definition of NoVa's "biker dive bar" in Webster's.  Classic in every sense of the word.  It's not a movie prop, you're not on set for True Grit or something, it's a real bar in Manassas.

    You got your cheap beers, your live music of bad Eagles and lost 1990s hits on tap.  You got delicious fries that are very, very cheap.  You also have a time machine.  Smoke-free bars in 2011?  Not here, my friend.  "Classic," as Alan from the Hangover would say.

    What else you got...well, when you're rolling with a bunch of brown people into the bar, you get the really, really drunk white guy with a beard who stumbles your way, and tells you that the two girls who are with you are "bee-you-tee-ful," while trying not to fall over.  He's harmless though, he returns back to his pool table and carries on with the night.

    I dare you not to leave here without some classic story that you'll ultimately end up posting on this site.  Spread the gospel, add to the legend.

    Consider yourself Tebowed...Yelp style.

    I still don't know what that means.

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