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    Not fine dining but the food was decent. I think this place is getting a little run down.

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    went here for happy hour for a friends birthday because I heard they had good prices and drinks. $3 Long Islands how can you beat that.? Easy by buying a $1.25 drink from the vending machine. They said this was there strongest drink and a person with us who doesn't drink said it tasted like juice. I suggest to not go this is my first and last time. I was never a fan of the food.

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    ive been handful of times with family and girlfriend and every time we have service is slow and 2 times we walked out after waiting for more then 15+ minutes i don't come to you im there you serve me if you want my money don't look at me and walk by even when somebody asked if we've been served then never come back really?  then one time we went there my chicken had a soap taste to it and my girlfriends meatballs were frozen solid so we told them and they said we could order again but we decided to leave and go somewhere else. the one in woodbridge is really good go to that one.

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