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    The people were nice enough, but the food was a bit greasy and heavy for my tastes

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    Who knew - tucked away in the back of Heart in Hand, there's a bar! The way in is right across from the caboose.

    This is a small, one-room affair, decorated in old-fashioned equestrian theme. With a fire burning, it's a cozy spot for chatting and a drink or two. They have a full bar, cocktails of their own design and a beer selection (two taps - one of which is Miller Lite) that is one step better than abysmal.

    There's a short menu of bar food; my friend and I tried the baked Brie with gingery mango chutney, and on a cold winter night, it hit the spot. Service seems to be shared with Heart in Hand and everything took about a year to happen, not that we minded. Settle in, warm yourself up by the fire, and plan to stay awhile.

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