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    Meh... It's an okay pool hall.  Beers are cheap, although the tap wasn't working when I was there.  Lots of pool tables.  Not much of a bar though.  The place smells like an old bowling alley or roller skating rink, which means your clothes and hair will stink when you leave.

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    Dark, loud jukebox, tables in need of upkeep, cheap beer & grub. What's not to like ;)

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    My favorite spot in Manassas by a longshot! Awesome pool deals during the weekdays and great drink deals as well. After a long day at work I like to flip the birdie to Hard Times as I head down to play pool here. Down-tempo atmosphere and an owner that treats his customers like gold. He always has time to ask me how I've been and if I'm lucky he will throw me a couple free songs on the jukebox. Normally I'll go in here expecting to stay an hour and end up staying for four. Sometimes the crowd is interesting but it's a hidden gem in Manassas and a place where I feel very comfortable spending money. Keep up the good work!

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