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    The service was at best unenthusiastic ! The fish and chips for $14 was terrible, premade fish sticks, burned in the fryer, and greasy. Only because I was hungry and in a hurry did I pay for it. If I had time, I would have left and went elsewhere .

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    Chicken burger&fries+2 cokes = $19.90.

    The food just looked sad. It was really okay and I guess I should just never eat at an airport... But the place was sad.

    They didn't bring us any water until asked, then just one glass. Burger had no condiments on it. It took two asks to get the check. The whole staff looked and acted like they'd all worked a double shift.

    But the food tasted decent. We were seated right away. I guess I can't complain toooooo much...

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    I visited Moe's yesterday; so awful!  I've been told that I am a harsh food critic, but this was bad.  

    I ordered coffee, Chicken Club (no mayo, no bacon & no cheese). The menu stated on a Kaiser roll - it was on a plain ole burger bun.  The chicken was bland & clearly precooked - one side grilled, one side griddled.  When I received my plate the chicken was barely warm; the tomatoes were old and mushy, lettuce was browning and pickle looked old (didn't taste it).  Wait - the worst has yet to come ... I cut my sandwich in half, ate the one half - first bite of my second half - had a hair in it.  I almost lost what I ate.  I glanced into the kitchen - they were wearing baseball caps - but pretty sure the hair was from the lettuce, not sure what the prep-cooks wear.

    My server never even offered a coffee or water refill.  The service was ... eh.  Not terribly busy, but the NFL playoffs were on - much more interesting than earning a tip I assumed.  Now - with that stated, I did work food service for 7 years - it's not easy, but come on!

    I did not complain to the server b/c I was pretty sure it'd go no where - so left a lengthy note on my credit card slip on the gross food & poor service.  

    Don't waste your money at Moe's; not worth the $$ for such gross food and poor service.

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