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    Like I always try to do is leave a short but to the point review. This pub is what it is a pub. It has good service and good food (bar food mind you) a good selection of beer and a few flat screens. What more to love of a bar, o and most of the customers are easy to talk to. And on nice warm days they open those huge windows in the front. Why I didn't rate it with more stars? Because tho the customers are easy to talk to their kinda old, witch I would prefer younger, and their menu isn't too big. But the  NUMBER 1 reason is that their bathroom door doesn't lock? Really?

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    Stewarts is a classic pub that has that "my pub" feel to it. The owners a the kindest of people and bring all the charm of Ireland. If a friend has a bday we have it there. They always let us put our cake in thier kitchen and make sure we are all set up to have a great evening!

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    The place is great. I expected traditional so so bar food and was very pleased that it was more like a home made meal. Its a good meal for a reasonable price and you can be comfortable with jeans and flip flops.

    Burgers are not frozen flat patties, they are terrific. If you like onion rings you must try, this are delish. The on to dessert, a little homemade family traditional pie that the owner Anne makes herself call Banoffi is AMAZING... toffee and bananas...its a must try.

    The guy next to us had a plate that looked great with fresh steamed brocolli so there were options for all.

    Next time fish and chips will be the dinner of choice

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