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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Came to Tanner Tavern on a Wednesday night for 25cent wings! I thought the wings were delicious! We also got the truffle fries and I have had better. They have a decent selection of beer on tap, the bartender there was a riot and very nice and easy to talk to. Will definitely return!

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    This place is great. It's simple American food done well (meat loaf, burgers, etc) for a great price. Small but solid selection of beers on tap. There is usually a crowd of people my age and I always have a good time. I think there's banks sometimes which is a plus and I just learned they have 1$ oysters so I'll have to try that.

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    Hearty portions of 99-esque fare, dumbed down and dirtied up, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    It's a blank tavern, oddly dismal even with the chipper host/server at the door and a handful of TVs behind the bar. It's so nondescript, I could probably ask a kid who's never been inside a pub to draw what they think it'd look like, and whaddya know? Spot on.

    There's a part of me (a big part) that wishes I'd ordered seafood instead of my BBQ turkey tips. I don't know why, the options just sounded more appealing. But the gobble echoed true; the turkey who lost won eventually. And for a $12 plate, it was sweet and meaty and tasted just fine. The side of zucchini (or choose your own daily vegetable) is tender and well-seasoned.

    Not that anybody is accusing Woburn Center of hiding away culinary gems from the hungry masses, but should I ever pass through amidst a fear stomach grumblin', I wouldn't not stop by Tanner Tavern again. Take that as you will.

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