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    One of my favorite neighborhood bars. Great food, super chill staff, trivia on Wednesday nights, $3 happy meals (PBR & a shot) after midnight, i don't have to drive, their stamps now wash off after 1st try, everybody goes home a winner.

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    My wife and I are from Dallas, TX; we're here in Denver on vacation. I've heard GREAT things about Atomic Cowboy/Fat Sully's/Denver Biscuit Company. Tonight we checked out Atomic Cowboy, and although we didn't order any food (which I'm sure is a HUGE part of the goodness of this place) we were disappointed. We grabbed a couple of beers, but didn't stay long. The place feels kind of like a typical sports bar, which is ok but just not my type of place. They've got some decent local craft beer on tap, but the overall feel of the place seemed too sporty and aiming to be trendy. I imagine my review would kick up a little bit if I tried one of the famous biscuits, but just from the bar experience we were not all too impressed...especially after just having chilled for a bit over at Black Shirt Brewing. So good!

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    I don't have cable. Mostly because the only thing I would bother watching live is sports and frankly there is no better place to watch sports than Atomic Cowboy.

    Reasons why Atomic Cowboy is better than my apartment (or yours) for watching the big game:

    - Pizzas so large they would never fit on my tiny dining room table anyway. Thin, greasy, deliciousness. This isn't takeout. and it's not Digornio. It's a rare breed of pizza awesomeness that soaks up a hangover and doesn't break your budget.

    - TVs everywhere. I turn my head this way and that -- everywhere I look I can catch the action. Not the case when I'm at home on my couch.

    - Always a crowd. I don't know about you but I can fit 5 people comfortably in my apartment. Atomic Cowboy seats many, many more than that and the people who frequent this joint love it as much as I do. Immediate friends. And your apartment stays clean.

    - Great, friendly service and an immaculate record of never letting my beer go dry. And late night happy hours always strip me of any guilt I have over "having another".

    'Nuff said.

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