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    In town for the weekend, my traveling companion and I chose to have dinner and watch an NCAA basketball game here (it was my understanding that this is one of the few places in town that would be showing the game).

    We showed up at around 7:30pm, and the place was already crowded and VERY loud, since not only were several games being shown on the numerous big-screens, but there was also karaoke also going on in the same space.

    Our waitress was busy, so our waters ran a little low and she only checked on us once. I got a burger, which was a little dry, and some very cold, obviously one-time frozen fries. The onion rings that my companion got looked much better.  Even though we mentioned that we were staying for the game, the waitress tabbed us out and the staff was cleaning up the dining room area by 8:30.

    With no beer and no service, we ended up leaving and watching the 2nd half of the game at our hotel.

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    I have eaten my fair share of hot wings over the course of my lifetime but this place just doesn't hit the mark of a good wing. You can get either wings or chicken tenders and then choose a sauce and heat level. I believe if they changed the way they served the wings or tenders it would improve the quality of the chicken. As of now they serve the chicken in a bowl that causes the sauce to pool up and any chicken left in this sauce bath becomes very soggy. Overall the flavors of the few sauces I have tried were ok but nothing there that sets these wings apart from any other place that serves hot wings. Their other food is pretty good but if your name has wings in it they have got to be good

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    Went back simply because I was with another group who wanted to go there. We had two separate checks and the entire bill was put on my credit card even though we gave the waitress two credit cards....??? The management this time was better in fixing the problem.

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