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    My favorite Chinese in Bardstown. Large menu so I am always trying new dishes.

    Call in, take out, or dine in....good is always served hot and fresh. I never have had to wait longer than 15 minutes (depending on size of order).

    Service is always best, and employees are always friendly.

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    Great Chinese food ready in 10 min with friendly services! I'm in love with Crab Puff and my BBQ rids~ The price is cheap! They also delivery. However, Min is $50, but it's totally worth it. I love the atmosphere. There are many seats for everyone^^
    PS: Almost forgot my favor juicy Potstickers. I love this place too much~ This is only place I'm going to eat..


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    China Wall is a new dine in/take out Chinese restaurant in Bardstown. I'm giving it 5 stars for a few reasons.

    1. Unless you are ordering an extremely large amount of food you will get your order in 10 minutes or less.

    2. China Wall offers up all the usual favorites and does a good job with them. The food is hot and the portions are big enough lunch or dinner to make 2 meals out of 1.

    3. The restaurant has limited seating, but it is clean and the noise level is low so its not hard to hold a conversation.

    4. If you don't feel like cooking and want to knock out 2 birds in 1 stone China Wall's location help with that. Located next to Kroger get your grocery shopping done and call your order in before you checkout and it will probably be ready by the time your out of the store.

    Is China Wall an out of this world gourmet Asian experience? No. It's a Chinese take out place that does a great job at serving up hot, good tasting, food at an affordable price. So as far as Chinese Take Out places go this place is 5 star spot.

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