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    I'd call this the best restaurant in Bardstown. The food was moderately priced, very large, and served FAST! Our waiters were very attentive.

    I am not a hugely picky mexican restaurant goer and sometimes attend places like chilis. The salsa was very thin and also mild, which I call an artistic choice. We could have spiced it up withone of 5 hot sauces offered, but I can't handle too much spice.  We also ordered guacamole to go with our chips, which was convincingly not from a can (as opposed to the horrible stuff they serve at the chilis to go in the DTW airport). I hd shrimp, rice and beans (all great) and my husband had enchiladas (his plate was clean). We also enjoyed dessert.

    We sat outside, but I thought the decor inside was very fun.

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    There are times in your life where something goes wrong when you go out to eat. It's inevitable. However, sometimes the issue is not such a big deal that you wouldn't go back. With El Jimador, this is NOT the case. I will NEVER return to this restaurant. When we got there it was pretty busy and we had to wait for a table, which was no big deal because it was a Friday night and we were waiting on one more person anyways. After we were seated we were still waiting on our third person. Our waiter came over after 15 minutes and took our drink order. We told him we were waiting on one more person. When he brought our drinks back he asked us where our third person was. We said he was on his way. At this point he looked at us and said, and I quote, "I don't have time for this!" .. Umm, huh? Did he just say what I thought he said? I understand it is a busy night, but us holding his table up would've been something I took into consideration when leaving the tip, as I have served before. After our third person had arrived and we ordered our food, it came out wrong and after one bite (which was spit back out), I was done. We tried to locate our server, and failed. After 25 minutes we decided walk up front and ask the cashier to speak to the manager. The cashier was too busy, I assume texting, on her cell phone to even acknowledge that I was standing there. When I said excuse me, she sarcastically replied, "WHAT!?" Oh I'm sorry, did I interrupt? Overall it was just a terrible experience, food and service wise. Next time I will take my money to Rincon Mexicano.

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    As my tastes have changed, I'll say it's a great place to go for a group if you're stuck in Bardstown, however, I'll go out of my way to go to better places in Louisville.

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