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    This place is now called U-Mami Sushi... New owner.. For sure not as good as Okina... Totally new menu too. The food is just alright now. They changed the salad dressing and it's alright but has a very strong peanut flavor. I guess they have a good selection of rolls but not as big of a selection as Okina did. Also, the service has gone down hill. The first time I went after they changed the name we waited 15 min for drinks... Thankfully it didn't take too long for our food. However, it took forever for the waitress to bring our check... And then the power went out so there was no way to get a check. Had she brought us our check earlier this wouldn't have been a problem :) The second time we went our service was bad again. The only reason I'll keep coming back is because well this is the only sushi place in Btown!

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    Best sushi in the area! It is always so fresh and spot on. We usually get take out but dine in occasionally and have always been pleased. It really is as good as it gets in this area! Helpful staff, knowledgeable and talented chef. Presentation of food is as wonderful as taste!

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    You may be thinking "5 stars," must be a fan-boy. Let me preface the rating by saying that I have eaten sushi in multiple cities and at multiple price levels. Okina is awesome. Chef Moon is a great guy and has a huge personality. Once, when we arrived with a large party, we were making multiple selections when Moon came over to check on us. He said "Do you trust me?" He then made off the menu rolls for us and all were tasty. He also has traded fries with my son; eating some and giving strawberries to him.
     I've been here too many times to count. It's great to have quality sushi so close to home. There are several items I have found that are not on others' menus. I also love the spicy tuna which is not your typical roll. Moon uses a different type of sauce to get the heat.
     The atmosphere is nice, the servers are attentive and the place is clean. I'm not sure you could really ask for anything else.

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